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Brand Stratec

Category Erosion Control

Stratec Cellular Confinement System

Used for two different applications - 1) for soil and vegetation reinforcement on embankments to prevent erosion. 2) for tree root protection in areas where there is a no dig situation. Stratec Geocell spreads the load at the same time as allowing water to pass freely, preventing the roots from coming under loading stress. Use with Stratec Non Woven Geotextile and Fixing Pins for the ultimate solution.


Stratec Cellular Confinement System purchasing options

Code GradeSizeWeightPack Price  
280000 Geocell 1006m x 4m x 100mm-- £134.03
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280001 Geocell 1506m x 4m x 150mm-- £194.00
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280002 Geocell 2006m x 4m x 200mm-- £253.37
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230016 N2700 Geotextile100m x 4.5m180gsm- £399.94
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230018 N4400 Geotextile50m x 4.5m300gsm- £331.61
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250003 J-Pin500mm x 10mm-25 per pack £34.00
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250007 J-Pin300mm x 4mm-100 per box £46.75
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