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Brand Stratec

Category Water Proofing Products

Drainage Composites

Stratec drainage composites consist of a range of high strength but flexible cuspated drainage cores with a non-woven highly permeable geotextile bonded onto one side. The geotextile acts as a filter to prevent the cuspated core clogging thus allowing the ground water to flow freely into the voids within the cuspated core and drained to a discharge pipe. Used extensively behind retaining walls and as basement protection. To enable ease of installation use the DC clip at the top of the composite to hold in place and prevent the composite from slipping down. DC profile is put in place along the top of the composite to prevent stones or fines from falling into the void once the composite has been installed.


Drainage Composites purchasing options

Code GradeSizePackDescription Price  
281000 DC 9012.5m x 2m1Vertical & Horizontal £267.75
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281001 DC 15020m x 2m1Vertical & Horizontal £298.35
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281002 DC 40012.5m x 2.4m1Vertical/up to 10m Depth £323.21
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281003 DC 400+12.5m x 2m1Vertical/up to 10m Depth £314.26
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281004 DC Clip-100 per box- £94.50
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281005 DC Profile2m-- £40.50
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