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Door Protection

Door Jamb Protector...

Boafoam door jamb protector is a quick and easy way of...

List Price £8.49

Dustban Doorsleeves...

Dustban Doorsleeves are a simple and effective way to...

List Price £99.00

Door Guard Kit

Dustban Door Guard kit for use in doorways to prevent...

List Price £15.96

Antinox Doorsize

Fluted polypropylene board which is a widely used all...

List Price £2.62

When you’re undertaking construction work on a site that is currently occupied, it can be important to protect the surrounding areas and fixtures. Whether it is surfaces and floors or windows and doors which need protecting, we stock a variety of products which are designed to protect the site. Our range of door protection products is ideal for your construction site, providing the required protection onsite.

One product in our temporary door protection range is our door jamb protectors which offer a quick and easy method of protecting door casings. With door casings often vulnerable, a door jamb from our product range offers durable and reliable for this area of the protection. Manufactured using strong and durable materials, this protection product is ideal for use on your construction site.

Another product in our range, our Dustban doorsleeves are an effective way of protecting doors from dust, dirt and paint. Available in flame retardant and non flame retardant varieties, all of our Dustban Doorsleeves are produced using heavy duty, durable proctection materials.

Durable Door Protection

Also in our range of door protection products is our durable door guard kit which offers an effective means of preventing dust and dirt passing to clean areas. Particularly ideal if you are only conducting work on one area of an occupied building, this protection product is a simple and effective means of protecting the site. Simple and quick to fit, this product helps ensure that you can begin your work as soon as possible.

Our Antinox doorsize is another protection product which offers valuable protection onsite. This product is a fluted polypropylene board which offers all-purpose protection to your construction site. Widely used on numerous construction sites, this method of door protection is durable and impact resistant, promising quick and effective protection. To cater for your door protection needs, we offer these in both standard and flame retardant varieties.

Where to find Door Protection of the Highest Quality

At The Site Book we pride ourselves on our range of high quality range of temporary door protection products which are guaranteed to protect any doors onsite. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure optimum protection to your site. Experienced in the industry, we pride ourselves on our expanding range of products which aim to provide for every aspect of your construction site from set up through to completion. We strive to make it simple to find all of the products you need for your construction site by offering an extensive range of durable and high quality products. If you’re looking for products which have guaranteed durability, reliability and quality look no further than the range of products from The Site Book. If you have any questions about our range of products or which are most suitable for your site, our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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