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Temporary Screening & Dust Prevention

Dustban Screen Props

The new and most unique user-friendly screen prop on the...

List Price £19.65

Dustban Flame...

The Dustban Screensheeting is what you need to make a...

List Price £18.75

Dustban Zip Door Kit

2 Self adhesive zips to create doors through our FR...

List Price £18.75

Dustban Takmats Heavy...

Multi-layered permanently tacky mats for use in highly...

List Price £79.95


Multi-layered permanently tacky mats for use in highly...

List Price £79.99

Door Guard Kit

Dustban Door Guard kit for use in doorways to prevent...

List Price £15.96

If you’re in need of temporary screening for dust prevention, The Site Book has the best products for all of your construction needs. When buildings are undergoing construction work dust and other bits of debris can travel around the building. It may create a poor impression on your client if dust and any other debris could enter residential areas, as well as increasing expenses for clean-up and repairs to any property damage.

The Site Book can provide temporary screening and dust prevention products to protect a wide range of surfaces, fixtures and fittings. These high quality temporary screenings products will also help shield the public from construction work, making them an absolute necessity on any construction project.


Temporary Screening For Dust Prevention

Here at The Site Book we are a well trusted and experienced provider of site materials that takes pride in the huge range of high quality products we offer for your everyday construction needs. All of our products are available at the most competitive rates in the industry, too. For those who are due to carry out construction work, make sure you look to us here at The Site Book as we provide you with your every need at any stage in construction.

The Site Book is proud to offer the best quality of dust prevention as a part of our line of temporary screening products. Dust prevention products can be used on site within a wide variety of locations from offices to homes. Temporary screening not only protects people from the annoyance of site dust but it protects the public from dirt which poses a serious health and safety issue.


The Site Book For Your Temporary Screening Needs

At The Site Book we pride ourselves in being a leading supplier with the most competitive prices when it comes to all your construction needs, including temporary protection as well as many other products.

If you or your construction company are in need of any temporary protection, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 020 7887 299 today. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at and we will be able provide you with an excellent service as well as great savings.

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