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Temporary Protection

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At The Site Book we believe that it should be simple and easy to source all of the products you need for your construction site, which is why we offer an extensive range of products in one location. We strive to take care of every eventuality and provide a broad range of products that are suitable for your needs.

We offer an extensive range of temporary site protection products, from floor and window protection to adhesive tapes and accessories. Temporary site protection products are ideal for protecting your construction site as well as increasing the safety of those on the premises. All of our reliable and durable products are produced with the safety and protection of contractors and the site in mind.

As part of our temporary site protection products range, our floor protection items range from flame retardant floor protection to reinforced sheeting. Many of our sheeting products are ideal for meeting fire retardant requirements, as well as providing a durable and impact resistant temporary protection for floors. We pride ourselves on making all of our products durable and reliable, as well as easy to handle so you can be reassured that they will be simple to fit whilst providing you with the protection required.

Our temporary site protection products for doors are ideal if you are undertaking work on a site which is currently occupied. Our door protection range includes jamb protectors and door sleeves which are designed to protect against dirt, dust and paint. Our window protection products are also a reliable and durable means of protecting windows and other surfaces from dirt and dust.

Reliable Temporary Site Protection

If you are undertaking work in a bathroom or kitchen, there is a high chance that the existing fittings will still be in place. This is why we offer a range of temporary site protection products which are designed to offer protection for WCs, basins, shower trays, worktops and ovens. Fitting these products means that you can undertake your work safe in the knowledge that the surrounding fittings are protected against dirt, dust or paint.

Our range of general temporary site protection products is extensive to ensure that we can cater for all of your needs. Whether you are looking for temporary site protection for handrails and rigid tread protectors or building paper and bubble wrap, our broad range of products means that you are certain to find the products which will add the necessary protection to your site. 

As we believe that you should be able to find all of the products you need in one location, we also provide a range of accessories to accompany your temporary site protection products, including measuring tapes and retractable knives.

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At The Site Book we are continually developing and expanding our range of products to ensure that you can find all of the products you need in our online store. We have a wealth of experience in the industry, using this knowledge to provide an extensive range of temporary site protection products which are specifically designed to protect your construction site.

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