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A lot of site signs are taken for granted – a lot of them are noticed subconsciously. They’re so iconic and strong that they stand out in our minds even if we don’t necessarily register that we’ve seen them. Their symbols send us a message that we automatically understand and we either comply or don’t – that’s when the receiver becomes conscious.

Site signs are designed to protect the public and staff on and around work sites – they give you information about your surroundings and make some of the less obvious risks well known in the form of a brightly coloured symbol. The public and the workers then have the choice about how they respond to the site sign – for the most part people will obey site signs, they are, after all just a rendering of common sense. However some people still feel obliged to disobey in doing so they are liable for any damage caused – the use of proper health and safety measures, paired up with correct training and visible site signs relieves you of any liability if someone chooses to waive common sense.

Imagine a work site where you have high scaffolding and lots of building material up the towers. If the work site doesn’t display a variety of site signs, those that forgetfully enter the site without hard hats are both at risk and non-liable.

Mandatory Site Signs

In accordance with health and safety there are many mandatory site signs that must be placed in certain environments; most are reminders to wear your safety equipment. Without these site signs you are often in breach of health and safety regulations and can be at risk of being fined or even worse being shut down.

Other mandatory site signs that are applicable to a number of sites are first aid and fire safety site signs. Without these site signs applied to the work place, you are at risk of losing a lot of money. Either through a law suit, a fine distributed by a health and safety official or a closure warrant.

We don’t want you or the public to be at risk, we believe safety must come first, and site signs point us in that direction even if it seems obvious at times, we’re all known to make mistakes.

Where Can You Get Site Signs?

Where can you get site signs? The Site Book of course. We provide a huge range of different site signs as well as other safety equipment that can help you get your work site or place of work up to a standard of health and safety that doesn’t put your project at risk.

Site signs can be useful at a warehouse, in an industrial kitchen, a construction site or just in an office – wherever there are people, site signs can come to your rescue and prevent you from having either a law suit or a fine on your hands. So if you want to secure yourself from trouble, check out our online store at the site book and pick up the site signs that are relevant to you.

We don’t just sell site signs – we sell safety.

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