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External Protection

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The Site Book is proud to offer all of our customers a range of varied and high quality products to meet all your external protection needs. All construction work that is carried out needs external protection if you’re to be guarded against the British weather. Here at The Site Book we provide the highest quality external protection products with competitive prices for all your company’s needs.


We offer a variety of high quality general external protection products including tarpaulins, scaffolding sheets, scaffold deck protection, debris netting, manhole covers, meter box covers, scaffold tube protectors, car covers and more. Whatever your external protection needs, The Site Book is here to help.  


External Brickwork Protection

All forms of external protection are vital pieces of equipment in the construction industry, protecting both scaffolding and employees working on it. Here at The Site Book we know first-hand the importance high quality external protection, which is why we only offer our customers the highest quality of brickwork protection and debris netting, they protect site workers from harsh weather conditions protecting workers below from health and safety risks such as falling dirt and debris. Let your staff work in a safe, dry and secure environment with external protection from The Site Book today.

The Site Book offers brickwork protection suitable for most surfaces as well as window protection to fit your exact requirements. All of The Site Book’s external protection come in a range of sizes to meet all your needs.


On Site Weather Protection


Here at The Site Book we pride ourselves on supplying the products you need at every stage of construction, including our full range of external protection products. If you’re in need of external protection or any other products to carry out your site work in a safe and efficient manner, please feel free to call a member of our team on 020 7887 2999. We will be more than happy to address any concerns you may have, and help you make an informed purchase today.

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