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The Power of Antinox

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antinoxAntinox is the market leader in corrugated protection board, used intensivley on sites as a temporary safety shield on walls, floors and windows. We also supply specialist Antinox products which include heavy duty fluted board for the protection of bathroom fixtures and specifically designed sheets for stairs and doors – perfect for refurbishment projects throughout the whole site.Antinox_Stair_Protector_Flame_Retardant___131252__IMG_3101_copy

Antinox provides flame retardant protection board fully certified to LPS1207. This product is hugely popular within the construction trade and highly effective thanks to continual product development.

A perfect way to promote your company in this demanding market is to consider getting your boards custom branded, a simple process when done through The Site Book, with the massive benefits advertisement has to offer.

Edge_Protection_FRThe board comes in various sizes, colours and gsm. The durability and crush resistance of the fluted board depends upon the weight it is due to be dealing with – feel free to contact the team to advise you on the most suitable choice. With a versatile product which is so easy to crease, curve and cut to any desired shape and fit, its easy to see why so many choose to work with it.

The brand new brighter tape alternative

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Introducing branded Site Book Tape!

SITEBOOK TAPEThis multipurpose vinyl tape is suitable for hundreds of uses both on and off site, is economically priced and comes in a handy 66m x 50mm size.  The modern, loud design makes a brighter alternative to normal everyday site tapes, and gives you a quick reminder of our details while you are out on site!

Here at The Site Book we would be delighted if you chose to try out this exciting new product and would happily go through the tapes usage in more detail if you would like to find out some more information – feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Remember we guarentee to give you the exceptional service you deserve, to provide the best rates we can offer and ultimately supply you with quality products which you will not be dissapointed with!

Specialised Flyers

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Branded Banners Resized and compressed for web                    Screening System  Resized and compressed for web                   Signage S Resized and compressed for web

What’s a more perfect way of advertising your business while protecting your site?

Have you ever considered the benefits of branded sheeting and banners?

Admaroll cropped out compressed for webWhichever option you choose, whether it be a mesh fencing banner circling your site or a vinyl banner down the side of a building – here at the sitebook we highly recommend these products for outstanding quality and effectiveness.

An ingenious way of promoting your business and standing out that little bit more in such a demanding market is to add your company logo onto site signage. We supply a huge variety of  the Dakota sign range varying from locating important points on site to reminders on accident prevention and emergency evacuation.

Three S Logo FlatFor extra information let us send you a flyer – a quick and easy read meaning you have all the details you need in one place - please do not hesitate to contact us so we can get one out to you. Give one of our experienced and friendly sales team a call to discuss any custom branding on banners, sheeting and signs – they can guide you in the right direction and advise on sizing and materials. The process is simple, all you provide us with is a high resolution image and choose the product you want printed. We can create mock pictures to make sure you will be delighted with the final product.


Finally, to guarantee a dust tight barrier for those more sensitive projects, why not try our Dustban 57Screening System?

Along with the most user friendly props on the market and handy screen door zips it’s no wonder this system is ideal for work within occupied buildings and referbishment projects.

For extra information on choosing the correct size and grade, suitable for the work you are carrying out – contact us today for a specialised flyer and a copy of our new and improved catalogue.

Remember, with our 3S Guarantee we promise to deliver you excellent customer service, great savings and keep to times agreed.

Antinox Flame Retardant Protection Board

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Flame retardant fluted polypropylene board to LPS 1207 which is a widely used all purpose CFI - Huyton (10)protection system. Durable, impact resistant and easy to handle, Antinox FR has numerous applications on site including floor, wall and window protection.

  • Simply and quickly cut, curved or creased
  • Approved by MOD and Civil Aviation Authority
  • Available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness

Antinox is the most recognised brand within the industry.  Ideal for preventing damage to newlylaid floors, doors, windows and has hundreds of other uses of site.

31Antinox Flame Retardant Protection Board is easy to install, browse our range of jointing tapes to suit.