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Restoration of York Mansion House

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York Mansion House renovation-0584


The Mansion House is the home of the Lord Mayor of York, starting in 1725 this was the first purpose build residence of the Lord Mayor in the country. It was built as a home, and a place for the Lord Mayor to entertain city visitors, and also to house the wonderful civic collections. York’s famous Mansion House is built on sand, so therefore has no proper foundations and over time it has started to sink with cracks forming in various places throughout the building.

A York Construction Company were chosen to carry out the restoration project to restore and secure the building for a longer and safer future.York Mansion House renovation-0589

Here at The Site Book we are extremely privileged to be part of this restoration project in supplying many of our products. As shown in the picture, our Antinox Flame Retardant Protection Board has been used to protect floors, doors and stair handrails. Along with our Grey PVC Tape the Antinox has been laid with care and attention to create an amazing neat tidy finish. As well as the Antinox and tape, our Antimar Bubble Wrap was used to protect the gold edged pillars.

Special thanks goes out to Mr Martin Butcher, chairman of the York Camera Club, for some outstanding pictures of our products in use at the Mansion House.


BRE Global Certification of Management Systems

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Certificate of Management Systems – ISO 9001,14001,18001

BRECertification_UKAS_management_cmyk compressed for web

As you may already be aware The Site Book is part of Swiftec Global and here at Swiftec we are continually developing our standards in order to provide you with a service which is over and beyond your expectations. Our strive is relentless and we will continue to grow and move forward in the future.

We are now delighted to have all  ISO 9001,14001 & 18001 in place which shows our dedication to you to provide the highest standard of service at all times.

ISO 18001 ISO 14001ISO 9001

The brand new brighter tape alternative

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Introducing branded Site Book Tape!

SITEBOOK TAPEThis multipurpose vinyl tape is suitable for hundreds of uses both on and off site, is economically priced and comes in a handy 66m x 50mm size.  The modern, loud design makes a brighter alternative to normal everyday site tapes, and gives you a quick reminder of our details while you are out on site!

Here at The Site Book we would be delighted if you chose to try out this exciting new product and would happily go through the tapes usage in more detail if you would like to find out some more information – feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Remember we guarentee to give you the exceptional service you deserve, to provide the best rates we can offer and ultimately supply you with quality products which you will not be dissapointed with!

Kit out the Kitchen

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Unknown to most of our customers, we supply a huge selection of canteen and welfare products - truly living up to our one stop shop name! We can deliver straight to any site in the UK, so to prevent buying from various suppliers, let us take care of everything from your teabags to teaspoons.

Water_Spray_Fire_ExtinguisherHow often do you have fire safety checks scheduled for your site? We supply various types of fire extinguishers along with fire blankets and essential fire alarms. We have been concentrating on fire safety as our extinguishers have recently been of high interest to our customers and since they are required by law it benefits you to double check you have the correct safety checks in place. It is very important to choose the correct type of extinguisher for your site in order to prevent injury in the unfortunate event of an actual fire and to pass safety inspections. Be aware that replacements may be needed if the extinguishers have been tampered with; are damaged; the ring pins are not in place; the seals are not in tact or the product is simply too old. Our 3 most popular extinguishers have been:

Water – For wood/paper/textile & solid material, this is used to cool burning material below the temperature as which is starts to burn.

Co2 – Used to smother the burning material so air is excluded. For use against liquid and electrical fires. This extinguisher is also popular for the lack of mess it leaves behind.

Powder – For solids, flammable liquids, flammable gasses and electrical fires. A popular choice for being so versatile and fast acting although the mess left behind is often a drawback.


As far as janitorial duties go, we can additionally provide vacuum cleaners and products as simple as surface cleaners and paper towels, although our kitchen appliances do not end there! Remember we can source good quality products for you even if you can’t find it in our catalogue or on our website. Anything you require, we will try our upmost best to provide you with. Be completely covered out on site while giving social areas everything they require for in house to run smoothly.

See below for chosen products that our customers have recently shown high interest in.


A simple necessity such as a fridge can be something you find time consuming and boring to locate, we supply a standard 45 litre capacity white fridge which has recently seen a rise in  popularity due to the effortless way you can order through the Site Book.




A sweeping brush is a simple requirement for most work spaces. Our 24″ soft/stiff PVC brooms boast heavy duty handles and include a stay.




Handy for everyone, a microwave is always appreciated on a site. We supply 20 litre capacity microwaves which will cater for everyone in the workforce.Microwave

NEW for The Site Book

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From Site Fencing to TeaspoonsThe Site Book has bulked up.

With over 50 new products added to our already meet-all-needs catalogue, we guarentee to support the set-up, protection and productivity of any site.Sitebook 2 Edited compressed and resized for web

We continually strive to keep standards high to provide you with a service which surpasses the industry standard.  With customised pricing plans and personal online accounts, ordering with pace and efficiency has never been easier.  

Contact us now. Request a catalogue. Place you order. Rest easy knowing that your site will be provided for from start to finish.  The ulimate one stop shop, the

We have picked a few of our favourite new arrivals – essential for the smooth running and safety of your site.

Disposable Coveralls

35Our type 5/6 provides ultimate personal protection from the hazards on site. A barrier from water based chemicals and radioactive contamination is essential for the safety and wellbeing of those working under the conditions. The coveralls we provide are lightweight with an elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles therefore providing complete coverage and peace of mind.


Orange Flashing Light49

Grabbing attention is a vital factor towards keeping any site safe. Keep your team and the public alert by adding our flashing lights to any site vehicle. A simple plug in, stretch cord and magnetic base means this product is a quick and effective way of maintaining a high safety standard.

First Aid KitStandard 20 First Aid Kit J8053

An absolute must have, required also by law, for any site. Our British standard first aid kits come fully loaded with everything needed to deal with the minor day to day mishaps on site. The kit comes displayed in a sturdy green plastic carry case with added wall bracket. We supply a variety of sizes to cater for however large or small your team may be.


Griptec Anti-Slip

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Anti-slip is more important than ever before, as companies need to provide adequate protection for permanent and even temporary access. The Griptec range provides a handy one-stop shop for all your requirements. The main products within the Griptec Anti-Slip range are the self adhesive tapes, available in a wide range of sizes and colours, including Glow-in-the-dark for emergency exits etc. Our stair cleats and plates are made from the same material but in pre-cut sizes ideal for internal or external staircases. The range has also been extended to include anti-slip paint-on coating, ideal for ramps and other areas where tiles and plates are not suitable.

Click here to see our full range.

7 Black yellow hazard safety grip

Dustban Screen Props

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The new and most unique user-friendly screen prop on the market. This all new Screen prop has brought a new dimension to temporary screening. Some of the unique features of this prop are: Unique spring-loaded pedal for ease of tightening. Quick-release foot button for ease of dismantling. Mid-way release button to set the prop to the relevant height prior to tightening. Fully adjustable Rubber grips on both ends to ensure a tight clamp. Tiltable head and foot to accommodate sloping ceilings/floors. Available in 3 different sizes for screens up to 5m. Use in conjunction with our screening and door zips. View The Range Here.