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Retrofitting the moon & mars for life seems like it would be simpler than a dyson sphere, not to mention not breaking any of those pesky laws of physics.

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Unconventional oil, is hard to produce…. by definition. Hibernation.5. Originally Posted by John Galt The figures are complex. They did if you were paying attention. If we took our current fastest spaceship (voyager 1) as a base model.

Which will slow down use of oil, which will extend the reserves. Originally Posted by GoldenRatio I do not see generation ship as a possibility. Difficult, but not necessarily impossible.edit: another possible reason is they truly have evolved beyond the need for war/killing/ect & truly do just want knowledge & greeting in friendship. There is a presumption that faster-than-light travel is a prerequisite for interstellar travel by extra-terrestrial intelligence. Any more gains will be marginal.This reflect most things in general.

Originally Posted by Quantum immortal Currently, most peak oil models predict, that this will happen, around now. (not very precise) Incorrect. That is very limited thinking. If we took our current fastest spaceship (voyager 1) as a base model. Continue reading