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When Simple, Strong and fast protection is required …

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When it comes to quick and effective floor protection The Site Books Antimar PP90 tops the list. Constructed of a strong woven fabric and then coated to provide a waterproof barrier PP90 is the perfect solution to your floor protection problem.

Supplied in 2m x 50m rolls mean’s it covers your floor fast – just kick it out, has less joints to tape and is waterproof and tear proof.

Check it out now online and protect your floors with the ultimate durable protection.

Antimar PP90 Antimar PP90

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A Perfect Solution to Prevent Water Damage – Antimar FR

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During the early stages of construction on the Hopes Carr Development in Stockport, The Site Book supplied Antimar FR30 for use as a protection barrier between incoming water and the timber floor during a period of bad weather. The Contractor was faced with the need to prevent the timber floor from becoming too wet at the same time as being considerate for Anti-Slip and also satisfying insurance requirements with the Flame Retardant standards. Antimar FR30 was the answer to this requirement having both Flame Retardant and Anti-slip properties and the contractor was highly satisfied with the result of preventing damage from inclement weather.

Hopes Carr Development  1 comp. for web Hopes Carr Development  2 comp. for web

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Polythene/Anti-Slip Fleece/PP90/Airtech Breathable/Bubblewrap/PVC

Griptec Anti-Slip

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Anti-slip is more important than ever before, as companies need to provide adequate protection for permanent and even temporary access. The Griptec range provides a handy one-stop shop for all your requirements. The main products within the Griptec Anti-Slip range are the self adhesive tapes, available in a wide range of sizes and colours, including Glow-in-the-dark for emergency exits etc. Our stair cleats and plates are made from the same material but in pre-cut sizes ideal for internal or external staircases. The range has also been extended to include anti-slip paint-on coating, ideal for ramps and other areas where tiles and plates are not suitable.

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