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The Power of Antinox

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antinoxAntinox is the market leader in corrugated protection board, used intensivley on sites as a temporary safety shield on walls, floors and windows. We also supply specialist Antinox products which include heavy duty fluted board for the protection of bathroom fixtures and specifically designed sheets for stairs and doors – perfect for refurbishment projects throughout the whole site.Antinox_Stair_Protector_Flame_Retardant___131252__IMG_3101_copy

Antinox provides flame retardant protection board fully certified to LPS1207. This product is hugely popular within the construction trade and highly effective thanks to continual product development.

A perfect way to promote your company in this demanding market is to consider getting your boards custom branded, a simple process when done through The Site Book, with the massive benefits advertisement has to offer.

Edge_Protection_FRThe board comes in various sizes, colours and gsm. The durability and crush resistance of the fluted board depends upon the weight it is due to be dealing with – feel free to contact the team to advise you on the most suitable choice. With a versatile product which is so easy to crease, curve and cut to any desired shape and fit, its easy to see why so many choose to work with it.