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BRE Global Certification of Management Systems

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Certificate of Management Systems – ISO 9001,14001,18001

BRECertification_UKAS_management_cmyk compressed for web

As you may already be aware The Site Book is part of Swiftec Global and here at Swiftec we are continually developing our standards in order to provide you with a service which is over and beyond your expectations. Our strive is relentless and we will continue to grow and move forward in the future.

We are now delighted to have all  ISO 9001,14001 & 18001 in place which shows our dedication to you to provide the highest standard of service at all times.

ISO 18001 ISO 14001ISO 9001

Restoration of York Mansion House

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York Mansion House renovation-0584


The Mansion House is the home of the Lord Mayor of York, starting in 1725 this was the first purpose build residence of the Lord Mayor in the country. It was built as a home, and a place for the Lord Mayor to entertain city visitors, and also to house the wonderful civic collections. York’s famous Mansion House is built on sand, so therefore has no proper foundations and over time it has started to sink with cracks forming in various places throughout the building.

A York Construction Company were chosen to carry out the restoration project to restore and secure the building for a longer and safer future.York Mansion House renovation-0589

Here at The Site Book we are extremely privileged to be part of this restoration project in supplying many of our products. As shown in the picture, our Antinox Flame Retardant Protection Board has been used to protect floors, doors and stair handrails. Along with our Grey PVC Tape the Antinox has been laid with care and attention to create an amazing neat tidy finish. As well as the Antinox and tape, our Antimar Bubble Wrap was used to protect the gold edged pillars.

Special thanks goes out to Mr Martin Butcher, chairman of the York Camera Club, for some outstanding pictures of our products in use at the Mansion House.


Sculpture & Antinox going Hand in Hand

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Over the years we have seen our Antinox fluted polypropylene board being used in various Protective/Design applications but none more so exciting than creating a fabulous moveable sculpture of a Swan. Totally Amazing! As our Antinox comes in various colours the white non flame retardant with no print was the obvious choice as the colour was ideal for the pure white Swan look and the ease of use of the board made it a great material to work with. Look out for more pictures coming soon on our Swan Lake Story! Thank you Robin we love what you’re doing.


Flying High in Promotions

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Our January promotion has gone great this year, many drones have been won with some great comments coming from our customers that received them.  We hope they all enjoyed theirs as much as we enjoyed ours before it vanished with the wind!! 


This is the last week you have the opportunity to receive a FREE Drone! Contact us today on 020 7887 2999.

P.S. Look out for our next special promotion!

Winter Months

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Coming into the winter months, protection from the harsher elements becomes a much more important factor on a work site. On top of maintaining a high quality of build, the safety of site personnel becomes more challenging during rougher weather. The Site Book can cover a few of the problems a site may face, providing high quality products to help conquer them.

Damage caused by frost can frustratingly set back a project but can be avoided with products The Site Book can offer. HessianHessian is a cost effective way to protect newly laid brickwork from frost damage, offering easy protection. The sheeting comes in a natural colour and 46m x 1.37m in size. To protect fresh concrete, frost blankets provide the perfect barrier. Manufactured from 6mm closed cell expanded polyethylene, this product is hardwearing and reusable. Frost blankets also offer U value 2.3 thermal insulation and have very low water absorption which is perfect for use in the winter weather.

As previously mentioned, staff on site and the public also need protection against the harsher weather. IMG_7691Scaffold sheeting manufactured from high quality reinforced polythene to BS8093, help avoid damage and accidents caused my falling debris or dirt. The sheeting will also put up a barrier against the weather while site personnel work on scaffolding, keeping spirits and workload up. Various sizes are available and the sheeting can be set up horizontally or vertically. Elasticated toggles can be used to quickly and easily secure the sheeting.

While still protecting the public and site personnel against falling debris, a cheaper alternative to scaffold sheeting is debris netting. Manchester 015Again, various sizes are available upon request and multi-purpose nylon cable ties can be used to attach the netting to the scaffolding, adding to the hundreds of other uses for them on site.

It is also important to shelter a new build against water damage. To ensure new brickwork and stonework stays protected, temporary downpipes Temporary Downpipe (5)can be fitted on incomplete guttering systems and rainwater outlets. A simple and effective way to attach the pipes is by using Jubilee clips which come in either 75mm or 100mm sizes. The Site Book can provide these clips along with the various sizes available of temporary downpipes.

We hope every site stays secure and runs smoothly throughout the winter months. The products listed will provide the extra peace of mind and ensure that new builds, site personnel and the public stay safe. Our trained team are always happy to help you with any queries about our products, and are available to discuss our bespoke discount system with you in more detail. You can count on us for high quality products along with guaranteed Service, Savings & Speed as standard.Three S Logo Flat

Site Set Up Materials – Site Storage Boxes & Banners

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Sitebox without Ox logoFor keeping a site secure and in order, we supply a range of different sized site storage boxes. Our competitive prices will not be compromised by quality. The Armorgard Oxboxes are strong, dependable and include all the features found on higher priced models such as gas struts and sleek paint finish.




Vented sheeting is also important to maintain a safe and securevented sheeting barrier around your site. Admaroll Vented Sheeting is fantastic quality, made of closely-woven mesh which provides great ventilation and reinforced hems to secure to scaffolding/fencing. If you would prefer, we can provide a custom branded option which is a perfect way to promote your corporate image while you work on site.


bannerIt may not be first on your agenda, but Custom Branded Banners around site make a huge difference and can benefit your company hugely when noticed by the right people. Getting your name linked to your sites not only upholds your corporate image but advertises your company to the masses. Leave the hassle of designing and creating your banners to us, we can provide you with a full colour 340 gsm PVC Mesh banner, pre-sized to fit Heras fencing on site perimeters finished with hems and eyelets.


Remember, by ordering through the Site Book you are guaranteed great products and a great service to match. We will strive to help provide your site with the materials and products you need, suggesting additional options and getting the products to you timely and cost effectively. Our highly trained and experienced team can source everything you need, leave it to us! 

Site Set Up Materials – Fire Extinguishers & Mortar Tubs

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At The Site Book, we pride ourselves on providing quality products from Site Set Up to Completion. No site would function swiftly and safely without the essential products required at the beginning of your project, which are sometimes overlooked.

fire extinguishers

The safety of employees and the general public should be a top priority at any construction site. Here at the Site Book, you can be assured that health and safety products won’t be forgotten about, by easily ordering them alongside your site set up materials. We hold a range of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms and a variety of First Aid Products in stock.  Our CE Marked  Water, Powder and Co2 fire extinguishers comply with BS EN3 standard and all come with handy wall brackets for simple installation.  Providing the correct sized first aid kit for your team is an essential part of your site set up. Our range of premium and standard kits come fully prepared for any on-site accidents. If you are not looking for full kits that’s no problem. You can still order first aid products such as plasters and eye wash at the same time as everything else, saving you time and money.


mortar tub 1

Additional site set up materials useful on any site for a variety of uses include 250L Strong Plastic Mortar Tubs, either standard or forklift slotted and of course, all important heavy duty shovels. Even for the most simple product needs, you needn’t worry about sourcing from various suppliers as the Site Book is your One Stop Shop.



Remember, by ordering through the Site Book you are guaranteed great products and a great service to match. We will strive to help provide your site with the materials and products you need, suggesting additional options and getting the products to you timely and cost effectively. Our highly trained and experienced team can source everything you need, leave it to us! 

Swiftec Global Sponsors Joint Sports Day

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As part of Swiftec Global’s (our parent company) continuous community support programme we recently sponsored a sports day event. On 25th May, Ochil Campus, Falkirk and Millden Campus, Aberdeenshire participated in a joint Sports Day in Falkirk. 

IMG_5183There were 3 teams competing in the event and Swiftec Global had the opportunity to sponsor one of the teams. In keeping with our corporate colours the team we sponsored was the green team called Denon. The Denon team’s t-shirts had a stunning print of Swiftec’s logo across the front.


There was much competition across the full range of athletic activities and it was rewarding to see the gold medals hanging beside the Swiftec logo.  Huge congratulations go out to all the participants and Swiftec Global would like to encourage and support them all in further sports days ahead.



The Sitebook Donates £150 to Nepal Disaster Relief

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Millions of people around the world were shocked and devastated by the recent two earthquakes in Nepal which measured 7.9 and 7.4 on the Richter Scale. These earthquakes which struck 50 miles Northwest of Kathmandu and around 40 miles from Everest on 25 April and 12 May affected around 8 million people and around 1.6 million have been displaced. The Site Book (part of Swiftec), ran a campaign on the last day of April where £1 from every order would be donated to the Red Cross towards raising money for this disaster.

We are pleased to announce that we raised £150 towards this appeal and look forward to running similar campaigns in the future.

 earthquake certificate


The SiteBook supporting Disaster Relief!

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Nepal Earthquake

We have all seen the horror and trauma that the residents from the country of Nepal have gone and are still going through in these days.  The mournings for their families and friends can be seen in the faces of every person.

Here today at The SiteBook we are offering a One Day Only chance for you to donate to the Disaster as well as order your required site supplies.

From any order placed today we will donate £1to the Disasters Emergency Committee through our nominated charity - British Red Cross

Call now on: 020 7887 2999 or visit www.thesitebook.com