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About Us

Welcome to The Site Book. In our drive to bring you a number one supply of products for every stage of construction, we have developed which brings together many different products and brands in order to provide you with the service and accessibility that you are looking for. We have a wide range of products for use on site from Setup through to Finishing giving you the answer to your needs in a single supplier.

Being established for many years we have continually forged ahead in difficult market conditions adding multiple products and brands to our range and continually developing our range to provide you with the specialist service and backup that you would expect. Our range is such that we believe that we can answer you every need and requirements.

At the heart of our corporate foundation we believe in giving our customers the best experience in the industry. Our relentless committal to customer service excellence ensures you get what you want when you want it.

Talk to one of our sales team to find the answer to your needs in expert, honest and friendly staff.

Our Customer Charter

To provide our customers with customer service and backup par excellence. To offer the appropriate product for the application bearing in mind that the customer always has a choice and knowing that we can only retain customers by providing excellent service, with great savings and within the time agreed.


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